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And Engineering, Inc.


  • Manufacturing Tape And Reel Machines for Axial, Radial and SMD Components
  • Custom Forming and Trimming Tools
  • Automated Assembly Systems for Parts Handling from Shuttles and Rotary Systems
  • Designing and manufacturing Radio Frequency (RF) Tooling for the Plastics Industry
  • Designing and manufacturing Ultrasonic Welding Equipment (Tooling as Horn and Fixtures)

(Model #101)

(Model #201)

(Model #301)

Hansa Tape And Reeling Machines
(For Axial and Radial Lead Components, and SMD)

NOW!...An inexpensive hand-fed machine that lets your own non-technical employees tape & reel virtually any size, straight lead, axial components from microdiodes to large capacitors. Suitable for quick, short runs for emergency needs, and long economical runs to meet regular production requirements.

About Hansa Tooling

Hansa Tooling and Engineering , Inc. was founded in 1968 in Glendale, California as a shortrun job shop producing parts for the tooling industry. Since 1992 Hansa Tooling and Engineering, Inc. has occupied a modern 4600 square foot facility, located in Camarillo, California.

With our in-house Computer Systems we can design anything from Prototypes to Production Parts. The quality of our products and service to our customers are of prime importance at Hansa Tooling and Engineering, Inc.

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